Virtual Artist Management

Virtual Artist Management Service

Virtual Artist Management is designed to give you professional representation as well as to provide you with the tools you need to develop your musical talents into a successful career. We all know that it is costly to record, produce, mix/master and release a single or CD project, brand and market yourself, pay for a radio campaign and build a team of professionals to help boost your career.  With all of the expenses associated with helping you get to your next level, how can you feasibly afford a manager to help develop and propel your career? With Music Marketing Worldwide by your side with the aid of our sister company, Artist Management Worldwide  you can rest assure you will be represented professionally, ethically and at extremely affordable rate.

Furthermore the reputation you will gain from having a professional artist manager will certainly separate you from the amateurs.

5 Key Benefits of the Service

  • Contract Negotiations (We will fight to get you the best price with the best rider possible)
  • Contract Reviews (We do not claim to be attorneys; however we deal with music contracts on a daily basis)
  • Correspondence Management (We will respond to any inquires you receive that you feel uncomfortable with)
  • Guest List Include Requests (Want access to a show? Let us contact the promoter on your behalf)
  • UK & US Contact numbers (Professional representation can make the difference between landing a gig or loosing one – Sometimes its a phone call needed to seal the deal)
  • 24.7/365 Live assistance for all professional matters. (Emergencies happen, but if and when they do, we’re here to guide you or even speak on your behalf)

Our Virtual Artist Management Service is supported by our system company, Artist Management Worldwide.

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