Music Marketing/Business Tutorials

Music Marketing, Social Media & Music Business Tutorials

15+ hours of Professional Music Marketing, Social Media & Music Business Tutorials. You will learn everything you need to know in order to take your career to the next level.

  • Intro- How to succeed with our Music Marketing Tutorials
  • The big secret, why digital is the way to go
  • How to make a real living from your fans
  • How to adapt to todays music industry
  • Intro – How to jump start your music career
  • How to define your vision & mission through music
  • Discover how to portray your style and how to package it
  • Understanding your music as product
  • Intro – Understanding the market & how to find your spot
  • Planning for success – How to set up a database & why its crucial
  • Planning for success – Workflow & tracking your fans
  • Planning for success – How to build your network
  • How to hit the target – SoundCloud Channels & Radio Shows
  • How to hit the target – YouTube Music Channels
  • How to hit the target – Online Blogs, The Hype Machine & Co-Promote
  • Intro – Do this and you will succeed
  • Release Strategy – Promotional targets & consistency
  • Release Strategy – The secrets to a successful release strategy
  • Distribution – Understanding the basics & how to use it to your advantage
  • Distribution – How to use content gating & best time to give music for free
  • Distribution- The best way to sell your music
  • Momentum- How to build it and keep it going
  • Intro – Understanding the most crucial part of building a online presence
  • How to use Soundcloud effectively
  • How to use YouTube¬†effectively
  • How to use Facebook effectively
  • How to use the Facebook and Youtube analytics tool
  • How to use Instagram¬†effectively
  • How to schedule your social media posts
  • The importance of having your own website
  • Intro – Why building an email database is absolutely crucial to your success
  • Fan Data- How to use your SoundCloud & YouTube Analytics
  • Email marketing – The Best way to build your email lists
  • Email Marketing – How to create & manage effective email campaigns
  • Intro – Developing your Roll-Out Strategy
  • Pre Release – Features, exclusives & Premiers
  • Pre Release – How to find tastemakers and the secret of pitching your music to them
  • Pre Release – How to get the social media crowd involved
  • Release Day – Rolling out to socials & stores
  • Release Day – Informing your fans the proper way
  • Release Day – Newsletter blasts to blogs
  • After Release – How to share & interact with your fans
  • The secret ingredient